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Prehab Performance


With this package, I assess your current program from top to bottom, make changes and suggestions, and program in 2-3 days of 20-30 minutes auxiliary work as a performance supplement. This is primarily for the athlete or serious lifter who needs to work around an injury, sure up muscle imbalances, and become a more well rounded athlete.

Includes initial assessment and consultation, monthly programming, and contact with your coach for the duration of your program.

Cost is $50/month. As you progress through the program your training and injury status will change significantly so a new program is purchased each month as needed.

Armored Performance  


This is complete training; from head to toe we build your armor. I assess your current training status, goals, injury history, etc. This program is for the athlete or serious lifter who is looking for an overhaul and revamping in their training career to get to that next level, get strong, and manage injuries that come with a long training career.

Includes a thorough history and 30 minute phone consultation to discuss goals, training status, injury status, etc. This includes up to 5 days a week of programming; main lifts, accessory work, injury prevention program, etc all included as well as contact with your coach for the duration of your program.

Cost is $99/month. A full training program can/should run for about 12-16 weeks. Program reboot is $50/subsequent month to edit, make small changes, and assess continual progress up to 3 total months, including the first program creation. I recommend a new program be instituted every 3 months, as function, performance, and goals are expected to change throughout a training cycle

Sports nutrition coaching


Optimizing performance and managing weight with nutrition coaching can help you get to the next level. We give you the tools to manage your own diet for any goal entirely on your own using consistency, sustainability, and adherence as our diet cornerstones.

This package includes an 30 initial consultation and needs assessment, a completely personalized spreadsheet with customized macronutrient and caloric needs calculations, a daily tracker, a progress graph and log, and weekly check-ins for the duration of your program.

Cost is $35/month for the duration of the diet.

in person/zoom live Training 


In person training is available on an appointment only basis locally.


Availability is limited.


For more questions about in person training Contact Me.

Live Zoom personal training is available on an appointment only basis.


Availability is limited.

For more questions about Zoom training Contact Me.


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