• Nick Occhipinti

This has been crushing my chest and delts for weeks…

On my upper body push pull day I’ve been using this complex the past 6 weeks in a recent training block and it relentlessly crushed my upper chest and anterior delts and gave me an awesome pump every week no matter what. Use this to help build size and strength in the upper chest, anterior delts, and triceps.

Set yourself on the incline bench with a barbell. You are going to perform 5 reps each of incline bench press with a very wide grip, then 5 reps at your normal grip, then 5 reps at a close grip. I put my index finger on the outside of the knurling for my wide sets, and close grip only about 1 extended thumbs length more narrow than my standard grip.

Start out with a LIGHT weight, this catches up on you quickly. I probably did about 5-6 sets of this complex each workout. 1 with empty bar, 1 with a warm up weight, 1 with a moderate-hard weight, and 2 real work sets that pushed me to near failure. Re-rack between the 3 different grips so you can get tight and unload the bar properly, no more than 3-5 seconds between grip changes. USE A SPOTTER. Have fun. Let me know how this one goes.



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