• Nick Occhipinti

I Love Jalapenos.

That’s really it. The smell of em, the taste of em, the texture. (Goldmember reference, eh?). Not only do these spicy little guys taste delicious and add a kick to a good portion of my meals lately, they also hold many health benefits.

Just to rattle off a few…

They are a great source of immunity boosting anti-oxidant Vitamin C. 

They are a great source of Vitamin A which helps boost immunity, aids in bone growth, and is essential for healthy eye sight.

They contain a “medium” quantity of capsaicin, a powerful anti-inflammatory and vasodilator, which means better recovery and better blood. Some research has shown capsaicin also to be a “promising” treatment for cancer.

Toss a few in a salad, add some to a Mexican dish, last night I made carne asada with peppers, onions, jalapenos, and salsa, if you have the audacity to eat a few alone have at it.

Be mindful of what’s been said about overconsumption of my spicy friend. Overconsumption has been shown to cause some gut irritability, heartburn, rectal burning according to some sources, or mouth burning in some cases but I have never experienced any of this. If they are new to your diet, add them in small quantities. Don’t touch your eyes after touching jalapenos…or many other things.

If my consumption leads to any negative side effects I will be sure to post about them in coming months but for now chow down.



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